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Joanie Mintz


Why buy with the Mintz Team?

Buying a luxury home is not for beginners. 

Buying a home? It is one of the most important moments in your life. Having professional guidance is key to a successful transaction.

First, you want to find a home that you will truly love. Then, you will want to make sure that you are paying the right price. This is where the expertise of the Mintz Team is crucial. We not only understand the market, we also know about properties that haven’t been listed yet. We are aware of the factors that determine the home’s value, from materials to craftsmanship. We begin by listening. What features are in your dream home? What is the lifestyle you are seeking? The answers to these questions go a long way to finding the place you want to call home.

We don’t stop with the purchase itself. We stand with you for the entire process: inspections, escrow, title, closing, and many other issues are involved. We won’t leave you on your own. We have the knowledge to advocate for you at every step. If you need help with furniture design, remodel, or renovation, we know exactly the right contractors to call on your behalf.

All of this is what we do every day. Join our many clients who are happy they contacted the Mintz Team.

“I moved to Miami and the agent I found showed me two condos

and said that was all there was to see. Thank goodness a friend of mine recommended Joanie. Within 24 hours she had dozens of showings set up. Within one week I found the most beautiful home and paid $50,000 under the asking price. Joanie is a magician and a wonderful human being on top of it all.”

- Rick P.

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